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Our Most Popular Enhancement Systems:

Pro-Tech Starlight Coating SystemA blend of Acrylics, Polymer Resin and Solvents that’s applied to concrete with special highlighting equipment to give a unique effect.  Attractive with or without design patterns.  Our most economical application.

Pro-Tech IA Polymer Modified Cement Texture, troughed down to give a look of Spanish Lace Swirl, or Stucco, then double coated with super durable Acrylic Starlight Coating. Cooler to walk on then bare concrete, great for pool decks. 

Pro-Tech IIHigh Build Texture System with color pigments and Polymer Resin.

Pro-Tech II DeluxeA cementitious grout and High Build Colored Texture overlay with Multicolor Highlighting.  This system best suited for simulated Brick, Cobblestone, Random Stone and other complex design patterns